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Wrist Pain

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About Wrist Pain

Different pain in wrist caused by continuous usage of hands and wrist which needs treatment after the condition occur.
Human life is constantly dependent and reliant on its wrist and hands in daily activities such as woodworking, gardens, construction, needles craft among others. Today, technology demands frequent and repeated hand use. In modern society, people often type using fingers or write text messages which repeat hand-wrist movements. Wrist is a supporting and stabilizing part in the body of athletes as they use it to carry their hand.


Anatomy Of Wrist


You have a multiple small articulation, connecting radius (on you thumb side) and ulna (on you little finger’s side) of forearm with the carpal bones of your hand. Like your ankle, your wrist has different structures but its bones are thin, ligaments and cartilage are also thin.
These eight carpal bones comprise two rows, each comprising four. A type of meniscus is formed by triangular fibro cartilage complex (TFCC) enabling indirect contact between Ulna and wrist. They reported weight bearing activity as one of the common causes of TFCC injury. human wrote this the injury of radius results into a wide implication due to their attachment to TFCC through fascia and ligament.
These consist of small bones which form smaller joints for many movements in hand and fingers’ wrists. This wrist joint is supported by a ligament.
The forearm has long tendons that go from various muscles there to provide movement of the hand and wrist. Ligaments in two bands thick will also hold your tendons in one piece, at your wrist. There is a transverse carpal ligament that forms an anterior tunnel which contains your carpel bones giving passage for the median nerve running along your arm to your hand.

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Wrist Pain Diagnosis and Treatment At LEPR

Our specialists at LEPR use multimodal, whole-person approach that can change the way you treat your wrist pain. The precise diagnosis involves determining where your wrist is aching from. We first find out the root of your wrist pain, and then create a customized treatment plan that eliminates the true cause of pain based on your specific anatomy and condition. Let the LEPR be in contact with you for pain wrist in order for you to resume your daily chores and live.


Treatment Of Wrist Pain

There are different ways of treating wrist pain based on its cause and symptoms. Conservative treatment involving physical therapy without surgical intervention should be enough for handling your painful wrist.

Stiffness and spasm reduction through manual release and soft tissue massage.
Mobility increasing, range of motion exercises.
Preventative training such as functional training for teaching you how to properly do various functional movements so that you are able to engage in day-to-day activities freely of pain.
Resistance training to boost muscle strength.
Improving Your Work Space For Maximum Efficiency And Ergonomic Evaluation.
Reducing pain with wrist joint mobilizations.
Restoration of intrinsic motor patterns through dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS).
Destroy of trigger points by dry needling.
To provide therapeutic ultrasound for pain reduction, to increase circulation, and to relax tense tissue.
Electrical muscle stimulation (EMST) to alleviate pain and aid in faster recovery of our patients by use of interferential current (IFC).
This refers to a wrist brace used after tendon injuries to reduce motion allowing tendons to get healed.


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