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Physical Therapy for Diastasis Recti

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Physical Therapy for Diastasis Recti

Your abdominal muscles are stretched during pregnancy in order to comfort you and the expanding baby. Your abdominal muscles will experience elasticity and cause this stretch. The other point is that the collagen lined alba is least elastic. During pregnancy, the linea alba becomes thin in many women and subsequently, tightens up afterwards. However, linea alba may at times stretch all throughout the partitioning point with this giving rise to a division of the rectus abdominal muscle into different halves on either side. Post partum tummy results in diastasis recti which is not a good thing cosmetically. Abdomen plays a vital role in digestion, but this process is affected by PPI.

Why Treatment of At IEPR Is Better Than Conventional Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists have employed a “one size-fits all” practice and timeline that is outdated. In particular, this exercise is just like a cookie cutter that cannot sufficiently remedy patients and does not restore complete normal movement or function. At LEPR we provide individualized therapeutic approach specific to all patients with varying condition. Advanced technology that aids a better diagnosis of joint angles, gait, load and muscle firing pattern are available for our use. Next, we make a custom treatment program according to received information. We also check progress periodically to ascertain complete recovery.
By virtue of our rich experience of fusing modern approaches and techniques in treatment, the LEPR is indubitably the leader among physical therapy clinics in rehabilitative practice. we understand that every patient is endowed with unusual conditions and anatomy. For every patient, we employ individualized therapy methodology and do not use the common exercise approach.



Besides reinforcing ROM and strength in various structure as well as retraining the body-brain connection for reestablishing neuro-muscular recruitment patterns. Diastasis recti treatment in one of the leading clinics of physical therapy LEPR, in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

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Treatment Of Diastasis Recti

During the postpartum stage, many women begin to perform leg lift and crutch exercises as abdominal muscle challenges. However, there are times when the exercises make things worse for you.

Sometimes these women begin wrapping of their belly and trying to unite rectus abdominal without mending their collagen which is useless in treating diastasis recti. The other women, on the other hand, will have to go through cosmetic surgery just to bridge the gap. The aforementioned procedures do not restore the ability of the abdominal canister as a cure for that problem, therefore, it is an issue. The physical therapy is a conservative and non-operative management of the DRS.


Rehabilitation of diastasis recti at LEPR:

LEPR employs competent physical therapy specialist who use the appropriate conservative management protocol for your diastasis recti. Each patient receives customized and unique treatment program based on his or her unique needs.

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Get Personalized Therapy Designed for Your Diastasis Recti

Every time we conduct cookie cutter exercises at LEPR. Symptoms vary depending on the patient’s problem with each person having different reason for dysfunction. With this understanding in mind, we create individual, personalized designs and methods for every patient. By first checking out and evaluating we can pin point the source of your dysfunction, and resolve it through our individualized physical therapy.


Get Treatment of Diastasis Recti That Really Works

Conventional medicine manages the symptoms of diseases, without identifying their reasons. With our modern approaches and effective treatment, we promise to eliminate its cause at roots to ensure pain-free life for you.

Holistic care and individualized treatment approach for patients are applied at LEPR but not a cookie cutter exercise towards achieving optimal and best results. Proper diagnostic procedures for patients, and individualized physical services are offered. Being number one clinic that treats pain and dysfunction, LEPR utilizes special custom designed and tailored therapies for each individual case. At LEPR, treatment is about more than just controlling pain – tissue regeneration and quick healing.


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