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About Back Pain

Back pain remains a worldwide complaint of adults being a major portion of visits of patients to doctors in USA. More than ninety percent of all back pains are of the non-specific type meaning that they do not have any specific cause. Many researchers are now suggesting that the source and cause of most low back pain conditions are multiple rather than a single origin. However, accurate and exact diagnosis may contribute towards appropriate treatment for back pain.


Why physical therapy for back pain at IEPR is better than conventional treatment of back pain

Various components of the body come together harmoniously in order to formulate movements. It should be noted that all motor movements involve spine. Therefore, the disease may occur due to imbalance, muscle tightness or weakness located at a distance from the place of pain.
Conventional treatment for back pain involves mainly pain management through various medications such as steroid injections, opioids, and anti-inflammatory drugs; however, the focus remains on the cause. Such instances may result in repetitive bouts of backache culminating into permanent pain and disability.
Conservative care has shown effectiveness in improving outcome than MRI and surgical intervention. Normally, when one feels pain, he or she stops moving and this is known as a passive treatment. However, researchers have proved that active treatment like exercise is better for curing back pains. Treatment that involves any specific activity where the patient is involved in the healing process is referred as active treatment. Actual caring includes activities, adapted ideas, thought and logical consideration relating to back pain.

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Accurate Diagnosis Leads To Successful Treatment Of Back Pain

The first step towards the successful treatment of back pain is by getting an accurate diagnosis.
The first step of detection begins at IPRC by clinical assessment. When conservative treatment fails to reduce low back pain, radiology is applied. Low back pain can only be treated by surgery or a series of steroid injections, which are regarded as extreme measures. However, treatment for back pain is often conservative.
This diagnostic ultrasonography shows disc bulging and stenosis of the spinal canal; damage and inflammation of soft tissues.


We use high technology equipment for best results

The most important thing at IPRC is that we start treatment by finding out what is the main reason of patient’s back pain and doing it using the latest technique and state-of-the-art equipment.
We employ appropriate therapeutic, manual therapy procedures, strength exercise for the spine, gait instruction, ultrasound, dry needles penetration, electrotherapy, correction of position and improvement of the interaction of central nervous system and muscle.

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Get personalized Physical Therapy that is designed for your Back Pain

Every individual requires a tailored treatment modality at IEPR since the causative factors may not be same across patients. Then, we conduct the correct diagnostic examinations before prescribing suitable medication depending on the particular diagnosis. Every patient receives a unique physical therapy tailor-made for him or her. It is because of our distinct treatment methods IPRC becomes the best clinic for back pain Islamabad.


Benefits from our non-invasive therapy:

Back pain hardly requires surgery. A case of acute low back pain can be treated by chiropractor and physical therapist who specializes in removing back pain. IEPR is a center for managing back pain with the help of modern techniques. We offer services such as release of the muscles in question and exercise appropriately, dry needling, myofascial release along the muscle chain, and therapeutic ultrasound, infrared, low-level laser therapies along the muscle chain, and therapeutic exercises at home Our trained physical therapist has specialty in treating back pain with corrective and valid procedures.

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Get your treatment that genuinely works:

It limits you to do those normal activities that you take for granted. By doing this, they control symptoms and not the actual causes. We pride ourselves at IPRC in reducing your back pain by offering you appropriate treatment and protocol that will eliminate the cause of pain for you and allow you enjoy a pain free lifestyle.


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