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About Pelvic Pain

Many people experience pain and dysfunction of their pelvic region, which is really painful and unpleasant. This contributes to uncontrollable intense pain characterized by embarrassing symptoms of the pelvic region associated with mild symptoms and slight discomfort prior to seeking medical assistance.

The pelvis is among the most complicated anatomical parts and it can suffer due to number of causative factors. However, pain will only be addressed once its specific cause is known. Such intervention may involve steroid injection, analgesic drugs or even manual therapy, which would temporarily relieve symptoms and pain but do nothing for the permanent resolution of the problem, forcing us to carry out a painful cycle of care which is very expensive.


How Treatment At IEPR Is Different From Conventional Physical Therapy

Most of these conventional, one-size fits all methods fail to address the very source of the women’s pelvic pain. The first approach are pain killers which only reduce the symptoms instead of the source of the pain.

IEPR experts consider that pain into the pelvic area is normally due to some trigger point situated either along pudendal nerve or deep into pelvis. In truth, they represent a response of spinal and locomotor system instability, the dysfunction of intra-abdominal pressure generation, and hip dysfunction.

This is mostly due to:

1. Interruption of various stresses between two intra-pelvic as well as intra-abdominal cavities.
2. Inability of motor system to coordinate spinal and postural stabilization with renal, sexual and respiratory function.
3. Hip dysfunction and gait abnormality from prolonged sitting.
4. Sedentary lifestyle and poor posture.
5. Poor coping strategies and stress.

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Accurate Diagnosis Of Pelvic Pain Lead To Successful Treatment

Diagnosis of pelvic pain and dysfunction requires appropriate clinical examination and assessment. Physical examination together with a medical history including pelvic floor, pelvis, hip, as well as low back is where diagnosis normally starts and ends. The physical therapist will require details about irregularities during child bearing and pregnancy. At IEPR physiotherapist performs thorough and accurate diagnosis of the pelvic dysfunction.


Get Pain Free Pelvic Pain Treatment That Really Works

Correct physical therapy for pelvic floor is a guarantee to get rid of the pain permanently. The conventional medicine focuses on reducing or suppressing symptoms without finding out what is causing them. Our major patients also take narcotic pain drugs, steroid injections and operate on before resorting to us for assistance. Our advance technologies and cutting-edge therapies will eliminate the reasons for your pelvic disorder causing pain, allowing you live a healthy and active life without experiencing any discomforts.
IEPR utilizes holistic care method with custom made procedures in order to achieve maximum results. We diagnose our patients rightly and give personal physical treatment according to the condition. For the reason that they adopt custom designed approach, IEPR is considered as the topmost clinic when it comes to relieving them from pelvic pain. Unlike other facilities where pain management is the only focus during treatment, a different approach is used at IEPR to regenerate cells for quick recovery.


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