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Shoulder Pain

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About Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint, which was meant to support motion along various planes. However, your shoulder has a wide range of movements thus allowing you to achieve maximum movement and task but in turn the stability gets reduced because of this. Shoulder pain occurs as a result of numerous factors mainly because of complicated structures related to movements.


Why Treatment for Shoulder at LEPR Is Better Than Conventional Physical Therapy?

Some of the physical therapist utilize general approach when dealing with shoulder pain. However, their cookie cutter type exercise fails their proper rehabilitation with optimally achieved results.
Personalized treatment approach used at LEPR for every patient suffering with their condition or pains. Using our advanced technology assists us with correct diagnosis. We measure different aspects of joint angles’ patterns of muscle firing and gaits. Then, we design a personal therapeutic scheme that uses the gathered information as a basis. Therefore, it gives appropriate treatment, leading to maximum results within a short period of time. On top of that, we monitor patients’ time-to-time to prevent relapse. In addition, we use high-end machines and top-notch physical recovery program for the better management of patients.
In combination with the latest technology, our experts have extensive experience in combining the most innovative methods of treatment, making it preferable among all shoulder treatment and rehabilitation centers located in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We have our competent therapists with effective and reliable treatment methods that undergo evaluation or reassessment in line with changing needs of the patient.


However, we know well that every single illness is different in other patients with different anatomy. For every person, we use innovative and high-quality sports therapy and there are no set exercises in order to obtain maximum effectiveness.
We also address issues relating to reconditioning of body and brain interface for regaining quality neuromuscular recruitment impaired by injure usually. With this, our patients would have reduced chances of further injuries and be able to resume with their normal duties.

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Shoulder Joint

The shoulder joint, which is referred to as glenohumeral joint, is a complex ball and socket joint. It is one of the largest articulations that links trunk and arm. Although it is one of the most mobile joints in human’s body, high mobility costs less than stability.


Shoulder conditions treated at LEPR:

This is a disorder that causes stiffening and pain at your shoulder resulting in the immobility of the shoulder.
Tendinitis of rotator cuff is a condition involving inflammation of the group of muscles that surrounds your shoulder joint area thus leading to limited movement of your arms. Rotator cuff tendinitis may arise due to injury or constant repetitive overhead activities.
Shoulder bursitis is a very uncomfortable disease characterized by sacs which have fluid and are called bursa that protect bones, muscles and tendons close to the joint. Inflammation of bursa causes bursitis.
Labral cartilage tear happens after an injury to the tissue that keeps ball and socket part of your shoulder intact.
Shoulder instability is a phenomenon of popping up an unbearable sensation around one’s joint.
Osteoarthritis of glenohumeral cartilage along with bony erosions plus restricted movement and pain of the shoulder joint.
Weakness of the muscle stabilizers of the shoulder leads to poor shoulder posture and mechanics which in turn results into shoulder pain.
Bone spurs in shoulder region.
Nerve impingement or inflammation of bursa or tendons


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