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About Neck Pain

Life challenging pain in neck. Nagging neck pain is often felt like mild discomfort that hinders correct physical performance and thinking concentration efforts. Symptomatic treatment for neck pain will always be insufficient since a single cause of pain may never serve as sufficient cause. The only way you can do away with the neck pain problem is by getting to its origin.


Why is neck treatment at LEPR better than conventional physical therapy?

The conventional approach to treating neck pain is by focusing primarily on the source of the pain and not the whole perspective of neck pain. The neck pain that has come to you is self-dependent but may come from anywhere in the chain of the movement of your body from toes up till the tip of the cap. Neck pain is generally a symptom rather than a cause.

Conventional neck pain treatment includes,

Using various corticosteroid injections for management of inflammation.
Steroid cervical epidural injections in order to diminish inflammation within peripheral tissues and nerve rootlets.
Cervical nerve root blocks for relieving neck pain.
The following muscle relaxants are used on tight muscles for stress reduction.
Over-the-counter pain relievers.
Cold or heat alternate to manage pain and swellings.
Surgical procedure used in removing discs which cause disturbance to nerve roots.
A whole person, not only an injured area, is treated properly at LEPR as it has been set up for that purpose. We will then proceed with thorough assessment and diagnosis of you depending on your health history, activities, lifestyle, etc. With careful examination of your posture and gait together with proper diagnosis and evaluation, we isolate the exact source of pain.

After identifying the source of your pain, we design a personalized treatment program that is special for you depending upon your personal characteristic as well as condition.

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Cervical Spine

The cervical spine comprises of seven vertebrae. Vertebral column has cervical region as its topmost point, and that lies in between thoracic vertebrae and cranium. The skull base protects spinal cord, supports and gives the load support to neck or head.

Conditions associated with cervical deformities:

Some of the conditions associated with cervical deformities are as follows:

Cervical myelopathy is a term for damage or compression of the spinal cord, in particular cervical spine.
Spondylosis means bone wasting while ossis refers to the wasting away of intervertebral discs.
The condition arises when you have worn out discs on your cervical spine that cause pain and stiffness in neck known as Degenerative Disc Disease or DDD.
This type of stenosis involves a narrowed cervical canal.


Accurate Diagnosis Of Neck Pain Leads To Successful Treatment

Accurate examination and diagnosis are very necessary because your neck pain can result from different causes. After establishing the root cause for your neck pain, appropriate measures will then be used in handling it.

For diagnosis of neck pain your therapist will conduct proper examination which may include the following:

Patient history:

The therapist will inquire about what you do on a daily basis, as well as your lifestyle patterns. Therefore, past, recent injuries, the position you use when sleeping help diagnose accurately the cause of neck pain.

Physical exam:

At LEPR, your physical examination may include:

Evaluation of posture.
Assessment of range of motion.
Muscle strength evaluation.
Palpation of the area affected.

He/she will watch how you sit and stand up. Correcting postural deviations may relieve some of the symptoms. It could be beneficial to observe the neck pain properly including cervical spine, shoulder girdle and thoracic spine for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Neurological assessment:

Therefore, if a patient complains of numbness and tingling sensation running down the neck, into the shoulder, back and upper extremities, a neurological assessment must be done to assist in definitive diagnosis and management.

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Benefits From Our Innovative Therapies

Neck surgery should, however, be treated as a last resort. In this case, neck pain is usually treated conservatively and non-invasively. Our specialist neck pain uses specialized treatment approach that can fasten healing and alleviate pain. You will heal faster and suffer less pain for an active pain free life with this premium care.


Preventing Neck Pain

Exercising regularly, properly and being fit, is the only way to keep off neck pain. Always have a good posture, in particular during use of phone and computers. Use protection whenever engaging in high-risk activity. The importance of good sleeping habits and firm pillows or mattresses will help you avoid pain in your neck when sleeping. Do not carry heavy bags with straps on your shoulders. It is good not to speak with a handset tucked in the crook of one’s arm.^
Get personalized therapy designed for your neck pain:
LEPR will never apply the same type of exercise which uses cookie cutters. Given that neck pain does not have uniform symptoms among patients and every patient has different reasons of suffering from it, we apply a custom design and individual approach in treating every patient. After examining you, our individualized physical therapy will remove your neck pain at the base.
Get your neck pain treatment that really works:
When one experiences pain in the joint or TMJ, it becomes very difficult for him or her even to go about their daily activities because of this discomfort. Various painkillers and procedures treat symptoms than cure neck problems. The cause of your neck pain and its correction for a healthy life will be identified at LEPR. If you have neck pain taking your appointment now will be much more beneficial and you would live a stress-free life ever after.


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