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Hip And Groin Pain

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Hip And Groin Pain

Knees are significant part of any activity or routine moves. Hence, knee pain may not allow you to do some of your favorite activities. Your hip and groin region has multiple structures, and thus it is hard to single out hip and groin pain. Pain can be caused in different conditions of the hip and the groin region as well. Incompetent diagnosis mostly results in erroneous handling of overmedication and surgery abuse.


Get Better and State-of-the-art Treatment of Hip and Groin Pain

When it comes to healing pain and injury fast and if you are leading a busy life and wish to get involved in sports soon after treatment, you should choose this option. Quicker recovery is vital so as to get back to your duties and sporting activities. Thus, LEPR clinic will be my preferred facility capable of delivering adequate treatment that will lead to fast recovery.

LEPR recognizes that each individual patient is distinct with a different anatomy and each injury is special with particular attributes. Typical physical therapy clinics use standardized treatments approach of treating individuals with the same cookie cutter exercises which usually do not address specific patient needs.

During treatment at our LEPR facility we utilize an individual approach to help relieve pain in your hip and groin. The individualized management strategies provided at our clinics ensure you get the right treatment to eliminate the cause of your pain. We understand that it is a lengthy process thus we ensure that the time spent in this therapy is valuable and well used up.

We offer best musculoskeletal rehab starting from newest devices and finishing by physical therapy.” This is what makes us the best place to go if you have a pain in your joints – a problem which can be treated by state-of-the-art equipment combined with our skilled staff and sophisticated training techniques in the shortest term.

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Treatment Of Hip And Groin Pain

Physical therapy exercises:

Various exercises are aimed at building up the strength of the connective tissues as well as musculature supporting the joint. The movements will facilitate better stability as well as reduction of neural pain. It is also vital to ensure posture correction because this helps to reposition the hip and its surrounding areas.

Manual therapy:

It is a manual skill that facilitates motion of the hip joint by manipulating hip muscles and body tissues. Manual therapy also helps in increasing ROM. To increase stability and mobility joint mobilization should be done.


Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS):

Restoration of innate functional motion patterns through stimulation of the central nervous system with reference to re-training of neurophysiological motion patterns in your locomotion system can be achieved using DNS technique. It would also aid in the treatment of motor defects.

Passive treatments:

Passive treatment modalities such as electrotherapy, manual therapy, and tapping yielded significant results when combined with therapeutic exercises.
LEPR utilizes an individualized treatment approach which treats hip and groin pain specifically. With an individualized treatment plan, you will have received the right therapy necessary to address the origin of your pain. The rehabilitation takes time-we ensure the time invested should be worthwhile.

Our cutting-edge equipment to excellent physiotherapeutic treatment allows best musculoskeletal rehabilitation for our patients. The expertise of modern technology combined in one clinic; LEPR is the best place for your hip and groin pain treatment within a few days.


Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound therapy for reduction of pain, increasing circulation and relaxation of tissue tension.

Interferential current (IFC)

One of those modalities is interferential current, electrical muscle stimulation used to reduce pain and hasten healing of our patient.

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Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS):

TENS can be used to reduce pain by slowing down the speed of pain messages that are sent from the brain, spine, and peripheral nerve pathways to the brain.

Cupping therapy:

Blood flow improves and relieves symptoms through cupping therapy. it is also used in relaxing and enabling healing recovery.

Dry needling:

Dry needling as a method of relieving tightened or painful muscles. This is how it ruptures its own trigger points that are small nodules within your muscles.


Balance training:

Balanced postural exercises and corrective interventions aimed at restoration of symmetry in functional movements.
We use one on one and special for treating your hip and groin pain at LEPR. We have also designed customized treatment procedures which are meant to treat you holistically until you no longer experience the pain. We know that rehabilitation is a prolonged process; thus, we ensure that we use each given minute during therapy appropriately.

We provide our patients with the latest and most effective muscular skeleton rehabilitation using state-of-the-art facilities and physical therapy expertise. Because our experience combines the latest technology devices, professional personnel competence and modern training methods, LEPR becomes #1 clinic for fastest treatment of your hip and groin problem.

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Preventing Groin and Hip Pain

Although some hip and groin injuries may be out of our control, we can still do certain things to prevent our hip pain. Some of them are as follows:

Ensure you have enough rest after workouts.
Get enough sleep.
Hydrate properly your body before, in between, and after.
Have an adequate amount of healthy, protein-based diet.
Maintain a healthy weight.
Avoiding excessive sitting.
Exercise regularly.
Ensure good positioning so that joints are not stressed.
Wear comfortable and supportive shoes.
We provide individualized treatment at LEPR specifically designed for effective hip and groin pain management. Moreover, we make use of individualized treatment protocols to ensure that proper treatment is done to help you in eliminating the reason behind your pain. We fully understand that rehabilitation takes time, therefore time spent on therapy should be effectively exploited and not wasted .

Our modern equipment and physiotherapy ensure an efficient musculoskeletal rehabilitation for patients. Having advanced equipment and experience, as well as using modern training technologies, we can make this process the fastest and simplest possible.


Get Best Therapy for Groin and Hip Pain

Not attending to the pain on hip and groin area might make things even worse over time, causing severe injuries that can compromise the quality of life. The appropriate assessments and new approaches to treatment of your hip pain and dysfunction can speed up heel. Moreover, it is meant to strengthen functions and motion of the hip and pelvis.

Experience relief of your pain and dysfunction within the shortest time by calling LEPR for rapid healing of your groin and hip pain that really works.


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