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Knee Pain

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About Knee Pain

Your joints are very delicate structures capable of handling tremendous amounts of force loads. Knee pain has several causes, such as lower kinetic chain injuries, and gait deficiencies. Undergo accurate conservative treatment and proper diagnoses lead to no surgery and relief of the knee pain.


Why Treatment of Knee Pain at IEPR Is Better Than Conventional Physical Therapy?

Physical therapist is still in its early stages and most of them utilize the antique timeline to treat their patients using the one-size-fit all practice. Their cookie-cluttered approach to exercise does not sufficiently recondition the patient who has knee pain, allowing for a return of maximal performance in movement. We develop individual treatment plan to suit specific case and patient at LEPR. These advanced techniques assist in making an accurate diagnosis of joint alignments, angular measurement and body parameters such as; loading, muscle activation etc. Finally, once obtained, we custom-make a therapy model for every single client individually. The second step is we also monitor progress and make sure that full recovery is affected at intervals.

The fact that we are among the earliest adopters of innovative technology combined with advanced treatment in a physical therapy clinic, gives LEPR an edge over any other medical facility as the best physical therapy clinic for treatment and rehabilitation of knee pain. Patients with knee pain and looking for improvement in performance visit LEPR. we know all have different conditions of bodies. For every patient, we use an individual approach of treatment and do not use the cookies cutter exercise.

We not only restore ROM and strength of several structures surrounding your knee joint but also train the brain-body interconnection to the restoration of motor unit recruitment patterns.”: mainly affected after an injury. This step will also minimize the risk of additional damage. One of the top clinics of physical therapy on knee pain relief in Rawalpindi and Islamabad is LEPR.

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Accurate Diagnosis of Pelvic Pain Lead to Successful Treatment

Proper clinical evaluation is a must in diagnosis of pelvic pain & dysfunction. Diagnosis is initiated by clinical examination and medical record concerning pelvic floor, pelvis, hip, and lower back. The physical therapist will most likely ask more questions on abnormalities such as childbearing and pregnancies. Our physiotherapist does detailed assessment of the pelvic dysfunction at LEPR.


Knee Conditions Treated At LEPR

Some of the knee conditions treated at IEPR include:

Knee Arthritis
Osteoarthritis of knee is a condition leading to the destruction of cartilage—a protective tissue that covers the end of bones. The latest technologies with the right conservative treatment for getting rid of your knee pain and enhancing function.

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
It is a common problem occurring among athletes and “jumpers”. It is therefore also known as jumpers’ knee or runners’ knee. It results in pain at the front of your knees just about the patella. However, the fact that it affects young female athletes most often does not rule out the possibility of the disease for others.

Frontal Knee Pain
The frontal knee pain takes place upon center as well as anterior aspect of knee.

Patellar Tendonitis
Patellar tendon is what connects the quadricep muscle on leg bones that form knee joint. Patellar tendon assists with bending of the knee by stretching the tibia. While jumpers’ knee can alternatively be referred to as tendonitis, tendinous would give better description as it is a degenerative disease and not an inflammatory.

Knee Bursitis
Bursitis affects one or more of the bursae that are found in your knees and results in the enlargement of the knee bursae. These are tiny fluid-filled pouches found closer to your knee joint. Pain and tenderness in knee join are marked features of this disease.

Inner Knee Pain
Various circumstances may result in pain externally towards your knee. Such injuries may involve tears of ligament, damage of cartilage including osteoarthritis of knee amongst others. They include repetitive overuse at the knee joint, knee sports and joint injuries.


ACL/ PCL tear.
It’s very common for an athlete to rupture or tear his ACL. Your bones need to be held together tightly at a joint by the ligament that is essential to proper movement, any damage on this ligament may cause instability or poor performance at the joint. The shin bone can easily move out of femur when you are at rest, but ACL protects it in physical activity. It also provides rotational stability. Knee joint goes through additional impacts caused by force loads while performing sports which require more stable knee joint Training in the proper sense can reduce risk of ACL injury.

Meniscus Tear
It refers to meniscus cartilage which cushions some joints. Each of your knees have two menisci with a shape similar to horseshoe acting as shock absorbers between the shinbone and femur. Traumatic meniscal tear occurs in high intensity sports like football and rugby. It is mostly characterized by degenerative tears in old aged individuals. Many meniscal tears do not necessitate surgeries. High quality physical therapy at IEPR may shorten the process of recovery and, thus, reduce the risk of more extensive meniscus damages.

IT Band Syndrome
Many sports players suffer from iliotibial band syndrome, especially runners and weight lifters. One of the causes of knee pain with runners is ITBS. The iliotibial band is a long piece of fascia which stretches along lateral side of the leg, running from hipbone down to above the knee. Stability is achieved for running by this band. ITBS is characterized by the major symptom of pain on the side of a kneecap caused by repetitive movements that result in constant rubbing of IT band onto a lateral condyle of femur which leads to inflammation of an IT band itself.

Our use of advanced technology equipment guarantees for the best results.

Knee pain can be as mild or severe and, at its worst, it can result into a knee surgery operation. Most non-traumatic knee conditions can be treated through other non-invasive means, which are readily available at LEPR, leaving surgery being last option when necessary.



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