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Fibromyalgia Trigger

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Fibromyalgia Trigger

It’s a chronic disease for your muscles and bones. These include generalized pain, insomnia, severe tiredness, distress from both mental health and emotions among others. Patients of fibromyalgia also experience anxiety disorders sometimes. Due to this, fibromyalgia patients require frequent medical attention. They have a high absenteeism at schools as well as workplaces.

It is not easy for healthcare providers to offer appropriate and satisfactory intervention for fibromyalgia because of its psychological, social, and physiological nature. Most often, treatment concentrates on getting rid of pain just by means of drugs not giving any other auxiliary aid, intervention or advice. Fibromyalgia patients are usually highly sensitive to any form of pain in comparison to those without the condition.


Why treatment of fibromyalgia Pain Syndrome (FMS) at LEPR is better than conventional physical therapy?

There are several physical therapy practitioners who utilize universal guidelines for their clients based on outdated schedules. They use a “cookie-cutter” exercise regimen that does not sufficiently treat their patients, and they do not fully restore optimal movement patterns and function. We provide individualized therapy for each patient with a special disease at LEPR. With our advanced technologies we are able to carry out accurate diagnosis including joint angle, gait, load, and muscles firing pattern measurements.

By collecting data, we then develop a specific therapy for a particular person. Occasionally, we also monitor progress to check whether an individual recovers fully. LEPR is the leading physical therapy clinic because of its experience in applying state-of-art treatment protocols. Patients come to LEPR seeking pain relief and performance enhancement. we know that every person is different, with specific physical states. Each of our patients receives an individual treatment, which in general do not mean “cookie-cutter exercises”.

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Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

Fibromyalgia pain syndrome has primary symptoms like flu-like pains and aches, emotional tension, persistent tiredness, itchy and blotched skin as well as being cold or hot feelings. Fibromyalgia manifests with symptoms that are also characteristic of such illness as chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, arthritis or under-active thyroid.
The classic tender points are diagnostic of fibromyalgia. We normally do not feel these tender points without applying pressure on them. These are the tender points that are always painful and tender in FMS patients, and they are keenly aware of them.
Symptoms of the patient form the basis of diagnosis. Widespread pain should last for at least 3 months on all parts of the body in all four quadrants and it should be considered as fibromyalgia syndrome according to the recommendations of the American College of Rheumatology.


Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment

Traditional medical treatments for fibromyalgia are frequently just analgesics without any further therapies or interventions. In this day and age, patients resort to using these drugs while they fail to eliminate the true reason as to why FMS is experienced.
This shows that exercises are very effective in FMS intervention. In contrast though, the majority of FMS patients refuse to undergo exercise therapy considering its ability to escalate pain.
We are wide in treatment of FMS at LEPR. A patient will never have to come back because our treatment regimen targets the root reason for FM so as to bring an end to it and ensure permanent relief.

Treatments Commonly Used For FMS

Physical Therapy Exercises

Aims at strengthening various connective tissues as well as muscles in your body. This will assist in alleviating the pain and strengthening the body for movements and balance. Patient’s status improves after carrying out the exercises in that they reduce pain, increase energy level and improve the quality of sleep among other benefits.


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