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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders

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About Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is situated at the junction between your jawbones and your skull. This critical hinge joint is responsible for enabling you to perform various activities such as eating, talking, or even laughing. Yet TMJ disorders involve much more than dental and orthodontic problems related to teeth and jaws. Instead, it is a complex systemic condition that affects the central nervous system, immune components and genetic predisposition. Due to this fact, treating TMJ disorders requires expertise and trained personnel for treating TMJ dysfunction because of pain.


Why IEPR Is The Choice Of Clinic For TMJ Disorders?

Individuals with TMJ disorders generally explore several different medications in a search for some relief of the problem symptomatically. Most TMJ specialists only manage symptoms and fail to deal with what causes TMJ disorderes.

We at IEPR however, take a different stand. We know for sure that motion pain disorders exist in a distinct form and do not appear out of nowhere. We pledge to find out exactly why the body fails and hurts for all-embracing cure at an early stage. There is no single specific cause for the TMJ disorders; hence, we continue treating till a person becomes painless and has normal joint functions restored.

We focus on individualized, special treatments for every patient according to their individual illness. We recognize that no two cases are alike and refuse to take a cookie-cutter approach to TMJ issues. At IEPR, we are committed to addressing all your health issues and treating your particular condition related to TMJ appropriately, and consequently, making a permanent solution to your problem.

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Get Better And State-of-the-art Treatment Of TMJ Pain

Therefore, opt for IEPR for quick and customized back to life after pains and wounds, particularly when in haste to resume an active lifestyle. The nature of every person’s symptoms are always distinct, as well as they understand that injuries are never uniform. Contrary to generic clinics, we do not rely on “cookie-cutter” approach which is applicable to various kinds of pain and instead propose individual treatment for you as a person.

IEPR focuses on effective rehab, with modern equipment and advanced training technology. We develop unique treatment protocols that get rid of your pain and make every minute count in your rehab sessions. If you are looking for great musculoskeletal rehab or just need personalized cares, come to IEPR — where top-class healthcare and quick resumption of everyday life and sport are guaranteed.

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Diagnosis Of TMJ Disorders

We do a comprehensive examination at IEPR to determine what could be causing the TMJ disorder, based on the complaints and neck, jaw, head and facial examinations. In order not to approach a particular part of the body in isolation, we recognize its connectedness with all other parts and hence all of them are included in our diagnosis. “Unlike some doctors who may specialize in a particular area of the body, we prefer conducting a thorough examination that will ultimately lead us to a common denominator to correct the problem completely and permanently get rid of pain and dysfunction.

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Get Fast And Effective Treatment Of TMJ Disorders That Really Works

Although most TMJ cases can be corrected through self-care, unrelenting pain that gets worse instead of better with time would need medical intervention. Injuries are some of the conditions that can be reduced using modern technological methods such as IEPR. At the IEPR Center, we have experienced physical therapists who are highly specialized in getting rid of pains during moments. Moreover, our track record in minimizing TMJ pain is impressive to say the least,  making us the best option.


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