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Advanced Education: Dr. Arsalan Sajjad is Recognized as the best Chiropractor in Islamabad and Rawalpindi holds a Master’s degree in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, indicating a deep understanding of Musculoskeletal conditions and their treatments. Additionally, his Doctorate in Physical Therapy showcases a commitment to ongoing learning and mastery in the field.


Clinical Mastery: With a wealth of expertise in Orthopedic Physical therapy, Dr. Sajjad Demonstrates Exceptional Clinical skills honed through years of experience. His ability to accurately diagnose and effectively treat Orthopedic issues reflects his dedication to providing top-tier patient care.


Holistic Approach: Dr. Sajjad’s approach to patient care extends beyond traditional physical therapy methods. By integrating Chiropractic practices, he ensures a comprehensive and personalized healing experience for each patient. This holistic approach addresses not only physical ailments but also promotes overall well-being and long-term health.


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Master's degree in Orthopedic Physical Therapy


University of Würzburg, Dermatology, 1993

Wok History

University of Würzburg, Allergy, 1994 UCSF, Dermatopathology, 1995 UCSF, Cancer Genetics, 1999