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Tennis Elbow

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About Tennis Elbow

Lateral epicondylitis (Tennis elbow) characterized by weakness, tenderness and pain on outside of your elbow. This is an overuse injury of tendon attachment to muscles in your forearm leading to elbow instability. Abnormal form of playing a sport such as tennis or racquet and repeated actions, for example, use of tools among others, may cause tennis elbow.


Additionally, compression of radial tunnel and instability of lateral collateral ligament of elbow can also cause lateral epicondyle pain. Diagnosis that precisely addresses the true reason of the elbow pain helps determine a suitable treatment.


Why IEPR Is the Clinic of Choice for Tennis Elbow Treatment?

We go beyond the treatment of your symptoms and address the cause of your elbow pain at IEPR. Custom design with personalized treatment approach is an option that we employ while treating the unique conditions when appropriate examinations and diagnoses are done correctly.

Most of the physiotherapy clinics are using one size fit all approach to curb this, administering generalized exercises as well as therapies which does not provide optimum outcome and promotes inappropriate healing. However, inappropriate diagnosis only worsens you condition and slows down healing. For complete elimination of lateral elbow pain in reasonable time IEPR is the clinic for lateral elbow pain

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Tennis Elbow Pain Personalized Treatment At IEPR

We provide cutting-edge yet efficient methods of addressing pain at IEPR in the shortest span. We start with thorough examination, correct diagnosis, and prescription of a customized treatment plan that will match your type of pains.


Treatment For Your Lateral Elbow Pain Include the Following Therapies At IEPR

  1. A form of therapeutic ultrasound is being used for reducing pain, increasing blood flow and relaxation of the tense tissue.
    2. Electrical muscle stimulation that helps in reduction of pain and healing of patients-interferential current (IFC).
    3. TENS slows down pain signals going to the brain and spinal cord that might help with muscle relaxation and pain relief.
    4. It involves dry needling technique which aims at relieving of muscular spasm and stiffness. This leads to these small knots of your muscles called trigger points.
    5. Chiropractic care.
    6. Massage therapy for relieving aches and relaxation of muscle knots and other soft tissues.
    7. Retraining to correct posture.
    8. The third type is the stretching of the tight muscles for the purpose of reducing the musculature tension and improving of a mobile joint.
    9. Reducing stiffness, pain, and increasing mobility at hand – manual release.
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Prevention Of Tennis Elbow Pain

1. While picking your racquet, always consult a specialist for correct sizing, having an ideal racket circumference and grip.
2. Find a trainer or a coach so you know how to strike properly.
3. In case you work involving repetitive use of arms, it would be necessary to have a brief rest from this activity.
4. So, put an ice pack on your sore and sore elbow.
5. Ensure that you give your body enough rest after a work session or sports activity.
6. Arm warming-up and stretching prior to using repeated arm’s activities.


Get Tennis Elbow Treatment That Really Works

Tennis elbow pain usually resolves after one month of appropriate treatment. IEPR professional experts will provide appropriate assessment and examination with a focus on rehabilitation, such as physical therapy and chiropractic services for you to enable quick recovery. The lateral elbow pain is so disturbing that it hinders you from enjoying common day activities. Pain relief medications are not addressing causes but symptom. We at IEPR take every measure necessary to eliminate the origin of your elbow pain and help you enjoy a pain-free life. You can make an appointment today to treat your elbow pain and lead a healthy life.


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