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Mid Back Pain

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Mid Back Pain

The thoracic spine is essential in the transmission of nerve currents and supports body weight during strenuous exercise. When the muscles or fascia around your midback become unbalanced, tightened or weak due to any cause, spinal mobility and stability is compromised leading to more susceptibility to injury or pain. At LEPR, use of advance technology and proper diagnosis is a proven life saver for middle back pain. The LEPR is helpful in the reduction of symptoms and disability caused by malaria in children


Get The Best Treatment At LEPR:

We are happy that at LEPR, our experts administer the top care to patients. We shall give you custom design treatment approaches for the right therapy aimed at eliminating middle back pain. They have physical therapists who use individualized treatment plans based on your symptoms reducing your dysfunction and middle back pain. Our patients get quick and accurate diagnosis with the new technology equipment of the LEPR. Thus, they can remedy dysfunction and pain soonest.


LEPR is the best rehab clinic in twin cities for treating middle back pain due to our modern advanced technology, expertise and experienced physical therapist as well as excellent treatment protocols.

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Middle Back Pain Personalized Treatment At LEPR

We utilize modern approaches to treat back pain at shortest intervals at LEPR. We aim at doing appropriate analysis and correct diagnostics, then individual approach to middle back pain treatment based on its character.


Treatment for your middle back includes the following therapies at LEPR:

The therapeutic use of ultrasound to reduce pain, enhance circulation and relieve tension of tissue.
The electrical muscle simulation we use on our patients to get rid of their pain and promote faster healing is called interferential current.
It helps to slow down the pain signals going from muscles to brain and spinal cord which may assist in muscle relaxation and lowering pain.
This treatment enhances blood circulation and also reduces pain and other symptoms. it also helps relax and assist in healing.
The use of dry needling provides relief from a tight muscle and stiffness. Shedding off of trigger points which are minute knobs in the muscle system.
Maintain correct alignment in spine through chiropractic adjustment.
Relaxation of sore muscles and fascia using therapeutic massage.
Retraining to correct posture.
McKenzie exercises for spine mobilization.
Joint unloading and neurological function improvement.
The relaxation of the muscles to minimize tonicity, with improved flexibility or mobility.
Use manual release as a way of relaxing stiffness and pain and increasing spinal motion.

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Preventing Middle Back Pain

Having good posture will assist to avoid your middle back aching. Keeping upright, sitting lower than usual with feet flat on floor, is the best strategy for improved posture. In addition, lowering your stress level is crucial towards avoiding this type of pains. Middle back pain can be caused by uncomfortable bed, inadequate sleep habits, and incorrect sleeping posture. It will help to reduce load on spine during some simple actions like lifting – avoiding the heaviest weights, and bending at knees instead of waist to allow leg muscles to participate in lifting.


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