About me

Talha Imdad, an accomplished and dedicated physiotherapist, embodies a fervent passion for leveraging his expertise to become the ideal candidate sought after by prestigious organizations. His professional journey is defined by a rich tapestry of experiences, academic achievements, diverse skill sets, and an unwavering commitment to contributing to the advancement of healthcare and sports performance.


Driven by a fervor to excel and make a profound impact, Talha aspires to be recognized as the person organizations seek – someone who brings value and makes a difference. His career objective underscores his ambition to be part of teams, institutions, or organizations that have contributed to global development, demonstrating his aspiration to contribute significantly to the betterment of society.


With a Doctor of Physiotherapy degree from Gulab Devi Educational Complex under the University of Sargodha, Talha’s academic foundation forms the bedrock of his career. His academic pursuit was coupled with a plethora of practical experiences that allowed him to refine his skills and expand his knowledge within the field of physiotherapy.


Talha’s professional journey spans across various domains, showcasing his versatility and expertise. His role as a Physiotherapist and Fitness Trainer at AlFahd Spa & Fitness Club in Faisalabad highlighted his ability to develop revenue-generating services, such as postural correction plans, muscle imbalance assessments, and specialized training sessions for different age groups. His role as a Sport Physio under contract with the Pakistan Volleyball Federation involved collaborating with fitness instructors, building a gym clinic model, and introducing preventive exercises to mitigate injuries, all while working in international sporting events.


Furthermore, his tenure at Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology and Pakistan Sports Board Coaching Centre in Lahore showcased his competence in patient counseling, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, post-operative care, and high-performance training. Talha’s diverse experience spans from emergency care in trauma centers to assisting athletic affairs and managing health and fitness training for sports federations, highlighting his adeptness in a variety of healthcare settings.


Talha’s dedication to continuous learning is evident through numerous certifications and workshops he has completed, including PSCA Level-1 Coach certification, Cardiopulmonary Rehab Workshop, Rescue 1122 BLS Workshop, and various rehabilitation-related workshops. His commitment to advancing his skills and staying updated with the latest developments in his field demonstrates his dedication to providing the best care to his patients.


Beyond his professional endeavors, Talha is a well-rounded individual with diverse interests, including swimming, running, hiking, traveling, and socializing. These hobbies not only reflect his passion for an active lifestyle but also underscore his ability to maintain a balanced life outside his professional commitments.


Talha Imdad emerges as a proficient, versatile, and driven physiotherapist, equipped with a diverse skill set, a fervent dedication to his profession, and a holistic approach to healthcare and sports performance. His multifaceted experiences and unwavering dedication position him as a valuable asset, capable of making a substantial contribution to any prestigious organization in the realm of physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation.


Gulab Devi Educational Complex Lahore, (University of Sargodha) DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Wok History

Physiotherapist / Fitness Trainer
AlFahd Spa & Fitness Club, Faisalabad
Sport Physio (Contract)
Pakistan Volleyball Federation, Lahore
Assistant Sports Physio / Exercise Demonstrator
Pakistan Sports Board Coaching Centre, Lahore