About me

Mashal Batool Malik, a dedicated and compassionate physiotherapist, stands as a beacon of excellence and commitment within the realm of healthcare. Her journey is characterized by a profound dedication to the field of physical therapy, a robust academic background, diverse practical experiences, and an insatiable quest for knowledge and innovation.


With a profound sense of purpose, Mashal seeks to contribute her expertise to an organization that values excellence and offers opportunities for professional development while aiding individuals in achieving their physical therapy goals. Her career objectives reflect her aspiration to make a tangible difference in people’s lives by leveraging her skills and knowledge in the field of physiotherapy.


Mashal’s educational journey was marked by academic excellence and a thirst for research and knowledge acquisition. Her Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) from Margalla Institute of Health Sciences under Riphah International University stands as a testament to her academic prowess, evident in her remarkable CGPA of 3.32 out of 4.00. Additionally, her commitment to scholarly pursuits was exemplified through her final year research thesis focusing on the prevalence of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction during pregnancy. This research addressed a gap in existing literature, shedding light on a condition affecting pregnant women, particularly in the twin cities of Pakistan, aiming to raise awareness and facilitate timely management.


Her practical experiences across various healthcare institutions further enriched her expertise. At Fauji Foundation Hospital, Rawal General Hospital, and the National Institute of Rehabilitation and Medicine (NIRM), Mashal actively contributed to patient care, demonstrating her ability to assess medical histories, devise comprehensive treatment plans, and implement diverse therapeutic modalities. Her scope encompassed providing pain relief therapies, designing exercises for motor improvement, and delivering emotional support to patients and their families, highlighting her holistic approach to rehabilitation.


Throughout her career, Mashal exhibited exceptional multi-tasking, organizational, and communication skills. Her ability to work collaboratively with healthcare professionals and engage effectively with patients is a testament to her client-facing capabilities and her capacity to develop personalized treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Mashal nurtures a range of skills and interests, including critical thinking, research in Islamic studies, culinary arts, artistic pursuits, and a love for literature. These diverse interests and skills underscore her multifaceted personality and her holistic approach to life.


Mashal Batool Malik emerges as a driven, compassionate, and skilled physiotherapist, dedicated to improving the lives of individuals through her expertise in rehabilitation. Her blend of academic proficiency, practical experience, and personal attributes positions her as a valuable asset within the healthcare landscape, driven by a fervent commitment to providing exemplary care and support to her patients.


Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) Margalla Institute of Health Sciences (Riphah International University) Jan 2018 - Jan2023

Wok History

Fauji Foundation Hospital (July 2021 - September 2021)

Rawal General Hospital Rawalpindi (2021 - 2022)

National Institute of Rehabilitation and Medicine (2019 - 2020)