Best Chiropractor in Islamabad

Finding the best chiropractor for you is important for your health and well-being. We are offering multiple services in the medical industry. Apart from our all-other services, we offer the best chiropractor in Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

Like our physiotherapist, our chiropractors in Islamabad are committed to helping you get back on your feet, stay active, and avoid pain. Leading Edge worked for the betterment of patients and worked to cure several pains in their backbone or elsewhere to get them back to their active life. For chiropractic treatment, you can book your appointments with our WhatsApp number and find the best chiropractor near you in Islamabad.

Chiropractor in Rawalpindi

We have been serving for a couple of years and offering the best physiotherapist and rehabilitation services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Our chiropractic treatment and care services facilitate many patients with neck, muscular, ligament, and joint pain, etc. If you are looking for chiropractors near you, then get a consultation with experienced chiropractors in Rawalpindi.

How Our Chiropractor works?

Our chiropractors' first details examine and locate the affected position of the affected muscle or joint of the body with the help of an X-ray. Then, they go through the following phases to treat appropriately

  • Diagnose properly
  • Pain assessment
  • Correct Subluxation
  • Restore spinal function
  • Restore Body Communication
  • Restore Health and balance life

Advantages of Chiropractic Treatment from us

  1. Improve energy of body
  2. Decrease needs of hospital admission
  3. Improve posture of body
  4. Improve mobility and muscular pain relief
  5. Ease back pain
  6. Decrease blood pressure
  7. High Level of satisfaction


Leading Edge Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center is the best health care provider committed to providing the finest level of treatment

to people with chronic conditions.Dr. Arsalan Sajjad treats his patients with specialized approaches such as exercise, postural, gait, balance, coordination retraining, and manual manipulation joints. Electrotherapy, ultrasonography, acupuncture, and other physical therapy methods are examples.

LEPR works on proper diagnosis & treats cause of the pain not just the symptoms.

We have the best consultants with an eco-friendly environment. For better health naturally without drugs and surgery. Best health care services in town.

Our mission extends beyond the clinic and Best quality treatment with leading experts

Leading Edge provides quality services by exceeding our patients' expectations by assisting them in returning to the best possible level of functioning and assisting you in regaining your abilities and regaining your freedom.


  • Very knowledgeable physio, friendly and helpful, and willing to be flexible on booking times. I visited this clinic for my backache I feel very relaxed and comfortable with the doctor he was very experienced, professional and helpful. Thank you all so much for your excellent care. I am feeling so much better now Alhamdolilah. I'll highly recommend this clinic to my others who are suffering from joint stiffness and backache.
  • I went to Dr. Arslan with a back pain, he did some sessions with me. He is a very qualified and talented guy, he listens to your problem very carefully and treats you accordingly. Allah has given Shifa in Dr Arslan's hand. May Allah bless him with more success
  • The best physiotherapy clinic I have ever visited. My mother had worst pains in her arms that she could barely move her arms without support. Within a month she got 90 percent recovery. They have the best and cooperative staff. Feels like a family. The manual therapy that they give is the best thing they offer. Highly highly recommended.


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