Top Best Physical Therapy Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Top Best Physical Therapy Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain


Shoulder pain is undoubtedly extremely common in adults and it can severely affect their daily lives. Fortunately, you can relieve shoulder pain easily at home by including physical therapy exercises in your daily routine. Research shows that physical therapy exercises are an effective remedy for the pain and can significantly improve it.

Shoulder pain arises from several reasons, from having a poor posture to lifting heavy objects, anyone can easily develop it. If the pain is unbearable, then it is better to see your doctor. To reduce shoulder pain, read on more to find out 8 best physical therapy exercises that will ease your discomfort. Let’s find out Top Best Physical Therapy Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Eagle pose

Also known as Garudasana, this exercise is highly essential for improving your posture, while it also releases tension between the shoulder blades. This exercise can easily be performed anywhere, at your office desk or even when you are in an airplane seat.

  1. While sitting in a place, reach both your arms out to the sides
  2. With your right arm above the left, cross them in front of your body
  3. At the elbows, bend both the arms
  4. Bring the right hand around to keep the palms together
  5. Stay in this position for about 15 seconds
  6. Exhale and roll your spine out, while putting your elbows on the chest
  7. Now inhale while opening opening your chest and left your arms
  8. Hold this position for approximately 1 minute
  9. Now the same for the opposite side


Child’s Pose

This pose significantly helps in stimulating blood flow to the head. It relaxes your body, while releasing tension in the shoulders.

  1.  Kneel on the yoga mat, while keeping the knees slightly apart
  2.  Bring your arms in front of you and sink the hips
  3.  Bring your chest towards the floor and relax your spine and shoulder
  4. Stay in this position for about 5 minutes


Doorway Shoulder Stretch 

This exercise stretches your shoulders and improves flexibility.

  1. Pick any corner of the room and stand up
  2. Stretch the shoulders and elbows to a 90 degree angle, so that the fingers are pointed towards the ceiling
  3. Both the hands should be placed on separate walls
  4. Stretch the chest, by leaning into a corner
  5. Stay in this position for about 60 seconds
  6. Repeat the process


Thread the needle

This exercise gives you a full body stretch and opens your shoulders while giving a sense of calmness in the body.

  1. Place your hands and knees on the ground
  2. Put the right palm in the middle and under the chest
  3. Stretch the left arm upwards and the palm should be facing away from the body
  4. Now bring the left arm down and place it under the right arm
  5. Lift the right arm from the ground
  6. Stay in this position for 30 seconds


Arm Circles

This is a great exercise for toning your shoulder muscles and relieving the tension. It also helps in warming the shoulder joint.

  1. Keep your feet hip width apart, while standing
  2. Extend the arms to the sides while raising them
  3. Move your arms in circular motions at a slow speed
  4. After 10 seconds, repeat the motions in a different direction


External Shoulder rotation

External shoulder rotation mainly strengthens the muscles and improves flexibility.  This exercise can be performed by using a towel or a resistance band.

  1. Hold the band in both hands
  2. Put both your arms at the side of the body
  3. Rotate one arm away from the body while bending the elbow a 90 degree angle
  4. Stay in this position for about 5 seconds
  5. Put your arm back towards the body, slowly

Reverse fly

This strengthens the upper back muscles that balance the shoulder strength.

  1. Stand while keeping your feet at hip width apart
  2. Stretch both arms out on the sides and squeeze your shoulder blades
  3. Lower your arms slowly
  4. Repeat this exercise

Downward dog

Also known as, Adho Mukha Svanasana, can significantly improve mobility of the shoulders by strengthening the shoulder muscles.

  1. Start by keeping your hands under the shoulders and the knees on the mat, directly above the waist
  2. Put pressure into the hands and lift the hips towards the ceiling. Keep your legs straightened and place the heels closely to the floor.
  3. Stay in this position for 30 seconds


Shoulder pain should not be taken lightly, as it can greatly impact the performance of your daily activities. The above physical therapy exercises can help you get rid of this pain, so you are able to continue with your daily chores and errands. Make it a habit of implementing these exercises in your daily routine to improve flexibility and mobility. Consult the best chiropractor to relieve shoulder Pain.

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