Scope of DPT in Pakistan

DPT in pakistan

DPT stands for Doctor of Physical Therapy. DPT in Pakistan is a five-year program. A branch of medicine and the health sciences is physiotherapy. It focuses on the rehabilitation of those who have been injured or rendered disabled due to an accident, trauma, operation, old age, any congenital or acquired disease, or a fracture and injury, particularly those in which the muscles, tendons, and bones have been damaged at the most critical points.

One of a physiotherapist’s main tasks, especially for a patient who has accepted their impairment in their lives, is to give rehabilitation. Other tasks include improving the degree of joint mobilization and regaining normal muscular strength, movement, and strength. Patient counseling is therefore another crucial component. Typically, these patients experience depression and low self-esteem. It is essential to encourage them and provide emotional support so that they feel good enough about themselves in order to recover their healthy body function.

An F.Sc. in pre-medicine is typically the first step in a career in physiotherapy. After that, any professional aspirant can choose to pursue an MBBS or a Doctorate in Physical Therapy if they want to use their knowledge to help people obtain the treatment and counseling they need while still making a living. Students who possess traits like empathy and care for people with disabilities should choose this field because it fits their abilities. This kind of conduct is also preferred in this line of work, where it might be detrimental to your ability to practice medicine honestly if your primary motivation is financial gain.

It is also essential to have an interest in human anatomy and physiology. Because it will be one of the main subjects that will dominate for a considerable amount of time—roughly more than 2 years—in either the DPT or MBBS context. Physiotherapists frequently work in private clinics or hospitals. They are a component of rehabilitation facilities as well. They occasionally work for old people’s homes and nursing facilities as well.

Potential Careers in Physiotherapy

Orthopedic Physiotherapist

Injuries to the bones and joints are a part of their work. As an illustration, wounds sustained in a car accident, sports-related trauma, an unintentional fall, tripping, etc. They aim to bring damaged joints’ mobility back to normal or nearly normal.

Geriatric Physiotherapists

Their employment entails assisting senior citizens. A person’s propensity for various illnesses increases as they become older, many of which are linked to movement or lack thereof in the body. For instance, Parkinson’s disease causes unintentional, frequently unconscious motions. In order to help these patients regain a proper balance of mobility, physiotherapists work with them.

Pediatric Physiotherapists

The work of pediatric physical therapists is delicate. They assist kids with congenital abnormalities including down syndrome, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, etc. Patients with these diseases are limited in their ability to move like youngsters their own age. Additionally, they assist kids who require major surgery as a result of trauma.

Occupational Physiotherapists

Sometimes a person becomes unable to resume his or her job after an injury. This is a challenging situation as it deprives a whole family of the sole bread earner. Occupational physiotherapists work with these individuals to restore their normal movements so that they can resume their job.

For example, a driver who has suffered some injury of hand muscles has to undergo physiotherapy before he is able to work again.

Sports Physiotherapists

They assist athletes who are injured and unable to participate in their respective sports, such as cricketers, football players, swimmers, runners, etc. The practice of physiotherapy is crucial to sports medicine. For the benefit of their athletes’ health and careers, all major sports federations use qualified and respected physiotherapists.

Academic Qualifications:

Pre-medical at FSC is required. Following that, you can either pursue an MBBS or a physical therapy doctorate. After MBBS, you can pursue a physical therapy degree from FCPS.

Salaries DPT in Pakistan

The average Physiotherapist salary in Pakistan is PKR 320,952 per year or PKR26,746 per month. Entry-level positions start at PKR 26,000 per month while most experienced workers make up to PKR 190,000 per month.


Students who do DPT in Pakistan have good job opportunities in future with high pays.

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