Physiotherapy at home – 5 biggest benefits

physiotherapy at home

1. Personal Safety Benefits.

The main advantage of physiotherapy at home is safety since it removes the burden of transport (home to physical clinic or hospital, and back) from an injured and likely stressed individual.

For many years, I wondered how patients in excruciating pain arrived at appointments, especially for weekend consultations. People used to go above and beyond to keep appointments, such as clumsy movements to drive and enter their cars despite stabbing or shooting pain. The neck pain has even prevented patients from checking their blind zones while under the wheel!

Today, physiotherapy at home continues to gain popularity in large part because of these safety considerations.  Although patients can be admired for their tenacity, the bottom line is that driving to and from a clinic is dangerous and can lead to serious, if not fatal road accidents. Once a day and time are set for the appointment, a mobile physiotherapist will drive to your home to offer top-notch assessment (see below) and treatment of your injury.

2. Assessment.

The assessment serves as the basis for both the patient’s treatment and the physiotherapy appointment. All future assumptions will be wrong if we don’t get them right, which will further slow down your recuperation. Here is a case to consider. As a physiotherapist working in a steady location, I may make assumptions about how the mattress feels and looks as a patient enters a clinic setting. I can, however, quickly and thoroughly inspect a bed (including the mattress, box spring, pillows, etc.) during home visits for physical therapy.

Within a traditional clinic setting, however, if I incorrectly assume that the mattress is okay and don’t recommend replacement, the back injury risks getting even worse before concrete steps are taken.

3. Convenience.

Injured persons sensibly wish to avoid outside movement by taking it easy at home if they have moderate to significant mobility impairments. Why not call a mobile physiotherapist in these circumstances, as well as for less serious conditions where it is theoretically safe to visit a conventional clinic? Simply put, it’s more convenient and easier for everyone involved!

Parenting young children is especially difficult, especially for them. As a result, children are often uneasy in hospitals and other strange environments. Shorter attention spans result in lower quality assessment, treatment, and results. Children are irritated as they witness their parents struggling to accomplish daily tasks, and they become disheartened as they watch mom and/or dad struggle. Do things with great difficulty at the very least.

So, why not get physiotherapy at home to treat you in comfort?

4. Equal Access for People with Disabilities.

Unfortunately, many disabled persons are unable to access conventional clinics. Even though Australia seeks to be a more inclusive society, many modern buildings are not the most accessible to people with disabilities. Steps and confined areas might not be an issue for the majority of people, but if you move around in a wheelchair, they provide significant challenges.

As a previous fixed location clinic owner, I can attest that considering physical location accessibility is crucial when opening a business. Unfortunately, because commercial rent is so high, many physiotherapy clinics are compelled to locate behind strip malls or among a jumble of tiny stores. Before attending the clinic, there are many potential risks and hurdles. Because patients are more mobile and in control of their surroundings in their most comfortable environment, physical therapy at home makes access issues simpler.

5. Reduced Overheads

There is the financial motivation for the physio-at-home movement, as well as many benefits for allied health practitioners themselves.

Operating a physical clinic is expensive with its high fixed costs and frequent income uncertainty.  Unfortunately, these costs continue to mount during holidays and quiet periods.  Conversely, a well-run mobile clinic has low overheads AND allows practitioners to transition towards a lifestyle business, i.e. a less stressful life that better balances family, career, and social goals/commitments.

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