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Across the country, many gyms have reopened, and many are resuming their former fitness routines. Others may be adjusting to the ‘new normal,’ which may include working from home and exercising. In any event, the suggestions in this article should help you acclimatize to your new training program appropriately. Get yourself cured today by visiting Leading Edge the best Physiotherapy Clinic in Islamabad.

Hopefully, many people were able to stay active during the lockdown. Many people have abandoned their gym memberships and fitness programs in favor of home training. Fitbit data, on the other hand, suggests that people’s activity levels declined by 12% on average during the lockdown.

With the end of lockdown approaching, we’re all looking forward to the gym’s reopening! Although we’re all eager to go back to our regular exercise routines, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you avoid injury when you do.

Don’t go back to your pre-lockdown gym routine right away.

It’s doubtful that you’ll be at the same level as you were before lockdown unless you’ve been doing weights on a regular basis. It may be tempting to return to your regular gym program right away, but this could put you in danger of injury.

Instead, accept your body as it is. Not right immediately, but within 3-6 weeks, you should be back to your pre-lockdown strength level. Don’t be discouraged if your strength levels drop; with constant training, they’ll quickly recover!

Instead of concentrating on the weight on the bar, concentrate on technique.

It’s likely that you haven’t done many of your typical gym routine exercises in a few months. Use the first few sessions back to relearn the appropriate technique before adding large weight to the bar for more hard motions like squats and lunges, etc. It’s all about technique, technique, technique!

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For the first few weeks after returning to the gym, reduce your training frequency.

The number of times you train every week is referred to as training frequency. You should expect to have high degrees of post-exercise muscular soreness after a few months away from the gym. Reduce the number of days per week you train, gradually increasing this throughout the first 3-6 weeks back to avoid excessive muscular soreness and to ensure our bodies can fully recuperate.

More emphasis should be placed on training recovery.

Because weightlifting is a stimulus your body hasn’t been exposed to in a long time, it’ll need all the aid it can get to recuperate.

Things like foam rolling and stretching have a place in recovery, but the focus should be on getting 8 hours of sleep per night and getting enough protein and overall calories in your diet.

Warm-Up Is Important.

The acronym to remember is:

Raise – on the treadmill/bike, raise the muscular temperature.

A: Activate — Warm up the muscles by doing lunges for the lower body and push-ups for the upper body in preparation for the next session.

M: Mobilize – Without any weight, practice the motions you’ll be doing in the workout.

P: Potentiate – Gradually raise the weights in each workout to completely prepare your body..

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In conclusion

  • Don’t go back to your pre-lockdown gym regimen right away.
  • Instead of concentrating on the weight on the bar, concentrate on technique.
  • For the first few weeks after returning to the gym, reduce your training frequency.
  • More emphasis should be placed on training recovery.
  • Warm up before you begin.

So now you have a better notion of how to securely return to the gym after the lockout!

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding returning to the gym safely, please contact one of our Chartered Physiotherapists at Spectrum Health, who would be pleased to assist you!

Guys, have fun lifting!

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